About The Hackathon

The open Data challenge hackathon is an annual competition for developing technological solutions using open data. The goals of this competition are:

  • development of the professional community in the subject area;
  • development of relevant competencies of representatives of state and municipal authorities, as well as hackathon participants;
  • implementation of the social and economic potential of state and municipal open data
The winners of the hackathon in 2020 were the following teams:
Place Team name Brief description
Public sector
1 White The Blick project is a multi-platform for improving IT technologies in Uzbekistan.
2 UniApp A platform with complete market information for international and local investors.
3 WeSion A bot for tracking traffic violations, where users can post photos and give a description of the violation.
Social sector
1 NLS A mobile application to minimize difficulties when reading text in Braille
2 JuFoF A volunteer platform for helping vulnerable segments of the population.
3 Genius Coders ID card that allows patients to store personal medical data.
Business sector
1 PhalconDevs Aptechka 24 is an online service for finding and buying medicines.
2 Keep it 100 A mobile application to facilitate the process of finding the right object for consumers, additionally informing each client about possible events, promotions and the latest trends from sellers inside shopping centers.
3 Frozen Code Online service for placing ads in the field of agriculture.
Data transformation and generation
1 Fantastic Team Mobile application for learning the Uzbek language.
2 DigiMind A service that will help you find out in which online store the product is available and through which online store you can buy it at the lowest price
3 Fazon It is a web application that collects and analyzes data from the media and other sources to have complete information about events held in Uzbekistan.
School category
1 NovaThrones Educational Browser
2 Uplift ad site
3 XOR_Progger Prices for products linked to the dollar.
4 ADM Educational portal
5 Bacg City portal. Accepts complaints and suggestions from residents and generates a rating

Public sector

Social sector


Transformation and data generation


full participation in a 72-hour hackathon in an online format (participants must provide themselves with a stable Internet connection)

creating a digital solution (application, service, device) using open data during the event with uploading code to GitHub

participants must have a certificate of training in the One Million Uzbek Coders program

The maximum amount of participants in the team - 3

Prize fund

During the hackathon, participants will be able to take part in trainings and master classes from leading open data specialists, as well as participate in a BootCamp. The prize Fund of the contest is $40 000.

The winners of the contest in all areas will have the opportunity to pass the IT Park acceleration program after the Hackathon.

Acceleration program

The acceleration program is an educational and practical program designed for those who already have a prototype of an idea, a team has been assembled, and who only lack a breakthrough to their cherished goals - obtaining funding and transforming the project into a real business (from MVP to scaling in the market).

Program is designed for 2 months and provides startup projects with information and consulting support and work with experts.

Also, teams that have been assigned to the acceleration program will be assigned a tracker to track the progress of projects. The best stratap projects will be recommended for implementation and implementation.